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Architectural Aluminium Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters were fairly new to the market when, in 1923, materials mainly used in making roller shutters were made from redwood and steel.

The years have seen older materials like redwood make way for newer and more modern materials. Now aluminium, glass and acrylics are used by Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters engineers engaged in research and development projects to widen shutter design frontiers.

New technology is used to make larger and more efficient shutters - many of which are tested through our sophisticated computer programs.

We use computer aided design programs extensively in our research and development process seeking to improve the strength and efficiency of our products.

Aluminium shutters can now span widths in excess of nine metres in routine applications.

Steel shutters are made even larger to accommodate large machinery used in the United Kingdom expanding mining and commercial industries. These are major commercial projects and they will increase in scope as new design parameters are developed. Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters will be at the forefront of these product advances.

Architectural Aluminium Shutters include:

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