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Is Aluminium the new Steel? Looking to lighten the load for the commercial sector.

As we move further into the 21st Century one of the key aspects that continues to be important to the customer is the design and look of a product. From iPhones to cars, having those clean crisp design tones enables the end user to enjoy the full customer experience. At Dover Vanguard Roller Shutters Ltd of Oldham, Manchester we continue to deliver this in the form of Aluminium Architectural Roller Shutters that many of the top commercial retailers use as the first impression in the customer experience.

Whilst for years the standard Galvanised Steel Roller Shutter has been the ‘norm’ along the high street for security and protection, the one key area that it has always fallen down on is the industrial look it gives to the property. In fact many councils across the United Kingdom now require that you submit a planning application so that they can confirm that the design of the shop front is in the interests of maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and secure shopping environment for the area.

Gateshead Council, as an example, states that “A shop front that has been designed with skill and care gives the impression of quality and attractiveness. An emphasis on good quality design of shop fronts will in turn encourage investment and spending, increasing the vitality and viability of shopping areas, which will ultimately benefit all traders and shoppers in Gateshead therefore making a positive contribution to the character of the Borough.” As such, looking at how this can be achieved is a key aspect in any new build or renovation to an area.

Aluminium Roller Shutter

Dover Vanguard has enabled all of these many factors to be achieved in its extensive range of aluminium roller shutters, and has secured multiple contracts with leading door companies and major high street retailers who now feature their products from the design stage to the installation process. When Tesco stores required a roller shutter for their new Click and Collect pods they wanted a product that would not only offer security but an aesthetically pleasing look that could become a focal point for advertising. Their choice was the brand new N35 Aluminium Roller Shutter finished with their latest advert for fresh food; these doors are currently being rolled out across Tesco stores nationwide.

Aluminium Roller Shutter

Similarly when the new Mango store was designed to become a key focal point in Victoria Square, Belfast the first choice was the 4EA aluminium roller shutter. They required it to fit in with the modern look of the shopping centre, be integrated into the building process and match the company branding. This was achieved through colour matching in the powder coating process and the inclusion of punched aluminium lath that created an inline modern look.

Dover Vanguard supply direct to the trade across the globe from their modern factory in Oldham and their aluminium roller shutters are featured across Europe, the Middle East, Australia and America.